Editorial Design & Art Direction
Positive Space is a newspaper focused on
the dissemination of good news in order to reduce
the anxiety caused by reading or listening to bad news.
The objective of this is create a ‘place’ where these
negative emotions and feelings are put aside, 
bringing a more optimistic view of society.

The color strategy followed to highlight this concept
of positivity consists of using the positive mode
(black on black) when talking about optimistic topics,
and on the contrary, the negative mode
(white on black)when talking about negative facts.
This last
concept will be more noticeable in product
communication, such as spots or resources for
social media.

It is important to highlight the idea of large format
in both, the newspaper and the
posters made with the technique of
letterpress, as the aim of this is to give
greater visibility to good news.

Behance link:

Ig: @positivespace.newspaper

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